Ready For A Road Trip?

July 16, 2020

Join The Israelites As They Travel Into The Promised Land

Welcome to Faith & Family Box! Some of my most favorite memories growing up were the Road Trips we took as a family. Things were a lot different back then and we actually had to come up with our own entertainment. We would play the license plate game or the sign game where we tried to find all the letters A-Z. We also had a lot of fun with CB Radios. Do any of these bring back memories for you?

We thought it would be fun to incorporate the theme “Road Trip” into our July Box. Can you imagine what road trips would have been like in Biblical times? There were no cell phones, movie players, air conditioning, hotels on the roadside, or places to pull through and get a bite to eat. They had to prepare for their trips very differently than we do.

Have you ever been on a Road Trip where you encountered obstacles on your journey? When I was in Middle School, my mom decided we should take the “scenic highway” on a trip we were on in Colorado.  It was beautiful. We traveled through natural archways, saw beautiful wild flowers and drove alongside a river. It seemed like the perfect experience, until we started having engine problems. We were miles from the closest town and had not seen any other cars for a long time. The side trip that was supposed to add about an hour onto our drive to Denver ended up adding several hours. Let’s just say, we probably should have eaten lunch before we jumped on the highway.

This month, we are going to travel with the Israelites as they go on their “road trip” into the promised land. This group of weary travelers had been forced to circle the wilderness for an additional forty-years, because their parents didn’t believe God was BIG enough to overcome any obstacle they would face. We are going to listen in as they hear God encourage them and lay out expectations for their journey.

We too are on a journey through life. We will also have to be brave enough to face “giants” in the land and fortified “cities”. We may also find ourselves having attitudes that are less than stellar. In those moments can we adjust our attitudes to BELIEVE in the character of God and in His promises?

Jesus came “that we might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). God’s got this! Let’s use our shield of faith to go slay some “giants”.

Let’s Hit The Road…

Katrina & The Faith & Family Box Team

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